Business Unit
London - Gresham Street
Closing date
Contract type
Full time
Employment type

Data Analyst

Team Innovation & Insight


Location: London


Reports to: Director



Overall purpose of the job


As a Data Analyst you will report into the company’s Innovation & Insight team and will work closely with stakeholders in local markets across all business lines. Leveraging your passion for cities, real estate and data we will optimise data processes utilising automation to capture, review and enhance micro data resulting from daily real estate and real estate adjacent market activities. The focus on and enhancement of micro data will facilitate a more digitally based engagement around our people and clients utilising the powerful intersection of data, analytics, visualisation, automation and technology. This approach will allow Avison Young’s external clients to be more productive and push internal stakeholders to be more efficient, with both being more successful in their common ventures.

You’ll be part of a team of innovators tasked with disrupting the world of CRE and setting a new industry standard. A typical day will be split between

Main duties, accountability and responsibilities

  • Developing varied data analytics and insight solutions for internal and external stakeholders using market, internal, public, open, proprietary, client and other data. This will involve:
    • Distilling project requirements
    • Researching data sources and defining how they can be used to meet the requirements
    • Close engagement and collaboration with sector specialist colleagues, clients, other data analysts, data engineers and developers and more.
    • Presenting progress and results internally and externally.
    • Managing projects including progress tracking, timelines, reporting, stakeholders etc.
  • Testing data-based technology products that change the interaction between Avison Young, our clients and the cities we are shaping
    • Reviewing products daily and ensuring that core real estate data recently added to platform including properties, images, documents, companies, leases, sales, scoop and availabilities appear complete, consistent, high quality and are displaying correctly
    • Reviewing functionality of products daily to ensure processes and interactions involving data work seamlessly
  • Collaborating, growing and optimising best-in-class daily data collection processes to consolidate data sources, utilise automated workflows and engage with local resources to capture and enhance micro real estate data on properties, companies, availabilities, leases, sales and scoop, among other data verticals
    • Adding data to the platform through news and conversations
      • Reading news on local city, business, economic, company, infrastructure, demographic and real estate market activity each morning
      • Meeting and talking with internal stakeholders around market activities daily
      • Meeting and talking with external data analysts, brokers, tenants, owners, architects and economic development organisations around market activity daily
      • Walking the market to capture missing photos, update status of properties under construction and enhance data on property, tenants and ownership
      • Adding buildings on the market for sale and tenants in the market and options they are touring
    • Adding and enhancing data on platform through short and medium-term data sprints utilizing publications, public filings, public records and third-party data providers
      • Reading, abstracting and adding data from industry specific websites, newsletters and publications and company and investor websites, newsletters, public filings and investor presentations.
      • Searching and pulling data from public records around ownership, sale, debt, permits, zoning and tax assessments
    • Review and enhancing data from users and data feeds fuelling platform
      • Reviewing, enhancing and structuring data added by users to scoop feed related to property attributes such as ceiling heights, column spacing and amenities, leases such as rents, concessions, headcounts and expirations, availabilities such as asking rent, concessions and touring activity, sales such as yields and bidders
      • Reviewing and enhancing data in data feeds from internal systems and processes
        • Internal leases added to system and reaching out to brokers to track down missing data points and additional information
        • External leases added to system and utilising technology and algorithms as well as talking with internal and external relationships to populate missing data points
        • Companies added to platform and tagging industry, ensuring no duplicates, adding website, HQ and other info and/or ensuring company is recognized by third-party data provider used to enhance
      • Reviewing and enhancing data from data feeds
        • Property data such as status, built and renovated dates, leasing company, architect, developer
        • Company data such as industry, headcount, revenue, website and locations
        • Availability data such as status, size, timing, rent, concessions and buildout
        • Lease data such as size and date based on availabilities being removed from system; following up by utilising technology and algorithms and reaching out to populate full details
        • Sale data such as transaction type, yields, buyers and sellers and ensuring sale links to correct property
      • Reviewing and enhancing data from documents added and ensuring documents are fully abstracted
        • Ensuring flyers, brochures, OMs, BOVs, rent rolls and stacking plans are added to properties or companies and utilising technology to abstract and enhance data into database
      • Engaging with users and stakeholders to optimally understand their challenges from a data, analytics and technology perspective
        • Helping train users and answering questions
        • Focusing on short-term and medium-term data sprints for client pursuits

There is a preference for this full-time position to work from our London Gresham Street office but there may be flexibility to work from one of our other larger office locations such as Birmingham or Manchester.


Desired skills and experience

  • Position: Data Analyst, Innovation & Insight
  • Status: Full-time
  • Location: Flexible-work options available
  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • 1+ year experience in commercial real estate
  • Passionate about cities and real estate
  • Dedicated to data as an art and science
  • Interested how micro data can help better tell stories around cities and real estate markets
  • Strong Microsoft excel skills required, including but not limited to v-look up, x-lookup, index, match, data validation, fuzzy match, text to columns
  • Strong SQL skills
  • Other data manipulation skills, such as PowerQuery and Python, beneficial
  • Data visualisation experience and skills, such as using Tableau or PowerBI, beneficial
  • GIS experience and skills beneficial
  • Experience and skills leveraging API’s to capture data beneficial
  • Strong project management skills
  • Highly strategic, organised and detail oriented
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with both teammates and stakeholders
  • Team player and adaptable to fast-paced and quickly changing environments and work priorities
  • Highly creative with ability to identify and solve problems efficiently
  • Highly motivated, energetic individual with the ability to be self-directed and work with minimal supervision
  • Highly motivated and showing initiative to maintain, develop and expand technical data skills

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package. If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your resume and cover letter. 


Our story

Our Canadian-born business was founded in 1978 and has become a global organisation that now spans 120 locations across 20 countries. Our expansion has been rapid, but what matters most is the common belief that drives all 5,000 of our people to be a different type of real estate organisation. We believe that the places in which we live, work and play have the power to make us happier and healthier, and we are united by a shared sense of purpose, to have a positive impact on people’s lives. In short, we are a global commercial real estate advisory firm with a simple aim: for real estate to play a leading role in creating vibrant buildings, cities and places that deliver long-lasting social value and economic impact.


Why work for us?

We believe our industry is changing and we want our business to be a company of curious minds, passionate hearts and strategic intelligence. At Avison Young, we are committed to hiring people from all walks of life who have a collaborative style and innovations focus; we believe a diverse and embracing workforce makes for a stronger, more capable and competitive company. We will provide you with a place where you can step up and change the game.


Collaboration is embedded in the way we work – our people have the autonomy to collaborate on client relationships, engage teams across the business, lead operations, work collectively on projects, participate in strategy and are ultimately responsible for our growth.


Our distinctive Principal-led, privately-owned model puts us in the enviable position of being able to offer every employee the opportunity to own a share of our business and inspires and allows anyone to become a Principal. This role carries voting rights, so our people have a very real say in the future direction and operation of our business. This means that we are able to attract, engage and retain the best talent.